Fitting and assembly

It is from our nature, from which we let ourselves be inspired, that the stimulus to want to follow the requests of our customers was born, step by step, from the idea to the design, from the prototype to the construction of the mold, from the sampling to the industrial molding of each of our products.

The need therefor arises to create e department dedicated to assembly, connected to the technical testing department, which allows us a meticulous management of the processes from design to production to labeling, which today makes high-level traceability simple for our products.

Today we have 8 production lines dedicated to the assembly of both our products that come directly from the internal molding departments, and on behalf of third parties.

The work of our technical office, which has gained great experience in the practical area, allows us to design and manufacture templates and systems that speed up and optimize production, following a constant improvement of both the production target and the quality of the assembled products.